I'm on Ffffound


martijn said...


Like your work and didn't know about Ffffound. Apparently you have to get invited to make use of the service.
I don't know if you're a user but I honestly don't know anyone who is.
I began a inspiration collection the other month on my own computer. It's become huge and i am in fact doing the same thing as the service does.
If you are a user and you could invite me it would be awsome!


Benjamin Hennessy said...

I'm not a member either - I might ask around and see what I can uncover

bird said...

hey i found you on ffffound and ffffell in love. you did some work for umeric australia? was it just the one piece? i love the psychedelic sacred geometry... was going to repost on my blog to credit and was just wondering if there is more along these lines. great work! cheers!!